Streamlining ESG

Define and tune your ESG Strategy.

Align your team with a winning plan.

Make a difference, step by step.

ENSO made it easy for the GS1 Ireland team to align on our commitments, priorities and to make a plan.”

Maria Svejdar, Head of Marketing & CX, GS1 Ireland
GS1: Improving the efficiency, safety and visibility of data across physical and digital supply chains



The ENSO ESG Hub is a command centre for sustainability.

We help your team see the big and the little picture giving you a birds-eye view of sustainability in your organisation:

  • Your current commitments
  • What work is in progress
  • What can be substantiated

Our Hub features a lightweight resource and energy calculator and analytics system to help you see total use at-a-glance.


ENSO ESG Frameworks

We help businesses explore their impacts, identify their strategy and map out next steps.

We have a suite of strategic tools that help you explore this space with your team, achieve staff buy-in, collect insights and aspirations and align values.

This includes online frameworks, worksheets and diverse facilitation exercises. This kickstarts progress and builds momentum.


Impact Center & Reporting

Our platform includes a public facing microsite to summarise your ESG commitments, targets and progress. This is updated live via the ENSO ESG Hub.

For each step, we take the approach of clarify then substantiate. Businesses can provide proof points related to activities underway.

This is important to remove doubt and eliminate stakeholder concerns about greenwashing. In essence, by transparently sharing multiple proof points, you can confidently communicate your ESG activities and stand over them.


Training, Coaching & Resources

ESG can be more complex in practice than in principle.

To help you at each stage of your journey, our online support centre has a collection of templates, guides and case studies.

To go along with this, our ENSO experts are only a phone call away. We also offer a variety of online and in person training options.

Be tender, contract & investor ready

In 2024, your ability to win new tenders, renew key contracts or attract investment may depend on your ESG commitments.  ENSO supports you in upstream preparation. 

Is sustainability part of your role?

Streamlining sustainability across your organisation

Green Team

As a sustainability leader or green team member, ENSO equips you to effectively manage, showcase, and improve your sustainability performance.

Directors & CXOs

ENSO simplifies reporting your ESG achievements to investors, regulators and wider global teams to leverage sustainability for business success.

Founders & Investors

Investors, B2B partners and consumers now expect businesses to have an ESG plan in place. ENSO helps you tell your ESG story and substantiate each step.

ENSO is an approved vendor for Enterprise Ireland, Local Enterprise Office & Skillnet ESG Programmes.