Our mission is to support your business in its sustainability journey

ENSO helps your business connect with its customers, employees, community and make a lasting impact.

I started ENSO because I witnessed first-hand the knowledge-gap between business practices and sustainability best practices, and I decided that I wanted to fix this.

Donal Quinn


ENSO’s Mission

Building a strong sustainability strategy is not only important for reducing your businesses environmental impact, but also for effectively communicating your commitment to customers and clients who care about sustainability.

ENSO’s mission is to make sustainability accessible and achievable for businesses of all sizes, by providing an intuitive platform that simplifies every step of the process.

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The ENSO Platform

We know that prioritising sustainability is crucial in order to satisfy investor expectations, meet consumer needs, comply with regulations, attract skilled employees, and ultimately boost productivity.

ENSO provides your business with the tools and guidance it needs to develop and implement its own tailored sustainability strategy, track its activities, and communicate its progress transparently to stakeholders.

By simplifying the complexities of sustainability, ENSO provides an accessible and valuable solution that enables your business to achieve its sustainability goals and increase its resilience.

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Meet our Team

Donal Quinn

Donal is the Founder of ENSO. With a background in marketing and managing sustainability initiatives, Donal witnessed a knowledge gap between business practices and sustainability best practices. To address this, he developed the ENSO platform, enabling businesses to connect with customers, increase revenues, and have a positive impact on the environment and society.

Donal is dedicated to driving sustainable change and inspiring businesses to integrate sustainability into their operations.

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Erin Maher

Erin is a passionate sustainability expert with a diverse background in climate change, sustainable development practice, and meteorology. As ENSO’s lead strategist, Erin has worked closely with numerous businesses, empowering them to develop effective sustainability strategies. With a keen understanding of each company’s unique needs, Erin identifies the most impactful actions and helps businesses integrate sustainability seamlessly into their operations.