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Result:  Just Getting Started

Congratulations on taking this next step with the ENSO ESG Assessment – Let’s explore your sustainability path ahead.

Based on your answers: Beginning Your Journey to Sustainability / Just getting started

Embarking on your sustainability journey is an exciting opportunity to redefine your business’s impact on the environment and in your local community. It’s all about taking small, manageable steps – from reducing waste to conserving energy. Your current stage is ripe with opportunities for business growth and learning and now is the perfect time to embed sustainable practices into the core of your business operations and marketing communications.

Quick Wins: (Empower Simplify Guide – Easy next step – not so broad)

  • Start with team engagement on sustainability topics
  • Learn more about the basics of sustainability 
  • Prioritise high impact areas 
  • Choose metrics to make a baseline and measure your current impact
  • Check out funding opportunities 

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